New buildings and reconstructions

We offer complete supply and installation of waterproofing systems beginning with consultancy through supply of the high quality material finishing with the installation.

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Commercial activities

Thermal insulation from expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, stonewool, goetextiles, building chemistry, external plumbing

Techkon s.r.o. has been importing products from extruded polystyrene Fibran  since 2004.

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Wooden constructions

Alcoves, open garage places, penthouses, garages, exotic wood floors

Alignment, drawing documentation, visualisation

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Latest news

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About company

Techkon s.r.o. is the construction company specialized for waterproofing. Its activities consist of complete supply and installation of waterproofing systems for basements, flat roofs, swimming pools, garden pools, interior waterproofing of various materials. Our offer includes also the delivery of thermal insulation and external plumbing. Special guidance is the matter of course.